I.C.E Tube is the new name for the original and revolutionary dual-core irrigation pipe that hit the scene in 2014. Specially developed for use in horticulture and indoor gardening in hydroponic systems.

I.C.E Tube was developed by an engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in the precision manufacturing industry. With experience of working in blue chip companies in a range of sectors such as Aerospace & within championship winning Formula 1 and other motor sports teams.

I.C.E Tube is still manufactured in the in the UK guaranteeing the highest quality possible to improve performance and maintain the products excellent reputation. It is still manufactured using virgin food grade polymers, inferior products will not only cook your nutrient solution inside the tube they can also leach petrochemicals into the nutrient solution for your plants to absorb !! The materials used in I.C.E Tube prevent this.

I.C.E Tube was developed as a component of a new system which is being developed. It was so revolutionary it had to be shared with the market so that any system user could reap the benefits of its simple but genius design.

Revolutionaries not rip-offs.


So why the new name ??

For reasons not worth discussing, let’s just say we have learnt some lessons !!

I.C.E Tube is now exclusively available through Highlight Horticulture & IKON International.